Kim Winey Photography  Unconventional Photography Experiences for Exceptional Childlike Creatures
  Random Tidbits  

* I don't like envelopes.

* I do like spoons.

* I love butter, people, and creative thinking, but not necessarily in that order.

* I also love chocolate.

* I have a childlike creature of my own. I once convinced him that I was an elf.

* I eat first lunch at around 9:30am, every day.

* I am a middle child, but think that I'm the first born (Sorry Scott. And Judy. And Bill...).

* I am a Christian.

* I order dessert first.

* I picked up photography in '99, thanks to my man-child and the book

"How to Photograph Your Baby", by Nick Kelsh.

* Two of my sisters and I have the same wedding anniversary. We're still not sure how that happened.

* I am madly in love with a Mennonite. There are no coffee filters involved.

* My toenails are shy.

* Airports love me and try to keep me in them as much as possible.

* Our cat needs Jesus.

*Our dog needs a haircut.

* Music moves me.

* Pick up lines do not.

* I like making up words. I find it to be quite liberational.

* My favorite real word is "ubiquitous". Say it out loud. You'll love it too.

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